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Your fully automated indoor camera is here.

Our smart camera automatically captures every event, uploads the footage to Hudl, and livestreams without restrictions or added fees.

Hudl Focus Indoor Sports Camera

This is what hands‑free game film looks like.

Rely on Focus Indoor to automatically start before the first whistle and follow the action until the last point, giving your coaches and athletes HD video from the perfect angle.

Streaming Flexibility

Stream directly from Focus to Hudl TV for a hands-free experience. Plus, choose whether to offer a pay-per-view or free-to-view broadcast.

Simpler Process

Set-it-and-forget-it tech and complete Hudl integration make every step of the process easier for everyone.

Every Team, One Solution

Any team within your organization, playing on your court, gets quality video of games, practices and scrimmages.

For High School Sports

No matter where you play, Focus has you covered.

All high school games in Focus-equipped stadiums—whether you're home, away or at a neutral site—will be automatically uploaded to your Hudl library.

For Professional Analysts

Feed your video directly into Hudl Sportscode

Use live video feeds from your Focus camera to enable live coding and collaborative coding workflows.

Teams like what they see.

Over 1,800 organizations use Hudl Focus Indoor to automatically capture and upload video. Here’s what they’re saying.

Take it from them.

“Hudl Focus eliminates some of the variables. Shaky cameras, tripods that fall, conversation in the stands that distracts, any of that.”

Tony Harris

Athletic Director, Saint Ignatius College Prep

“The ability to see a court in a clear and concise way, jersey numbers or score if it’s on a clock – the smallest things like that – are very helpful in our day-to-day work whether it’s scouting or match analysis.”

John Seavey

Director of Scouting, UCSB

Bring Indoor Focus to your facility.

Select your organization type below and fill out the form to get all the details on adding Focus to your lineup.